Dogs in Disguise

Dogs in Disguise

Who’s in that sweater? It’s Sadie the setter
And there, in pink trousers? A pair of old schnauzers.

My SECOND canine caper of 2021, DOGS IN DISGUISE is a peek at the secret goings-on of our doggy chums, written by me and with hilarious illustrations by Mini Rabbit genius John Bond. It’s also my first book for HarperCollins.

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I Am Dog

I Am Dog!

I am Dog. Dog is me. I like walkies. I like tree.
I like rolls in foxy pong. Foxy pong is nice and strong!
Ever wondered what a dog’s life is like from the pooch’s point of view? Well, now you can find out! I AM DOG! is hilariously illustrated by Chris Chatterton and published by Macmillan. (And yes – I AM CAT! is coming soon!)

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Snow White in Space

Snow White in Space

SNOW WHITE IN SPACE is the second in the Futuristic Fairy Tales series by me and the brilliant Chris Jevons, featuring favourite fairytale characters as super-cool astronauts leading their own missions and learning about space along the way. SNOW WHITE IN SPACE follows GOLDILOCKS IN SPACE and is also published by Hodder.

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Octopus Shocktopus

Octopus on LOLLIES and BookTrust shortlists!

OCTOPUS SHOCKTOPUS! by me and the brilliant Steven Lenton and published by Nosy Crow, has been shortlisted for the Lollies, aka the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards, and the BookTrust Storytime Prize. Both prizes are voted for by children and the winners will be announced in early 2022. 

The Kings Birthday Suit

The King's Birthday Suit

THE KING’S BIRTHDAY SUIT is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic The Emperor’s New Clothes. I hope it will raise a few giggles … and encourage children to speak up for, er, the naked truth. The joyous and hilarious illustrations are by the brilliant Claire Powell, and the book is out now from Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

CHITTY flies again!

I have been honoured to write the first picture book version of Ian Fleming’s only children’s book, the 1964 classic CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG. Steve Antony’s glorious illustrations reimagine the famous flying – now electric! – car for a new generation of younger readers. It is published by Hachette in collaboration with the Ian Fleming Estate.

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Where the Sea Meets the Sky

OUT NOW! Where the Sea Meets the Sky

WHERE THE SEA MEETS THE SKY was published on schedule, despite lockdown, by Hachette Children’s Books. It is illustrated by brilliant newcomer Riko Sekiguchi, whose artwork won the Carmelite Picture Book Prize. Read what happens when a brave little sea otter sets off to seek the horizon – and finds it a bit more of a challenge than she expected…

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Welcome to my website!

With my daughter Tara. She’s 17 now but I keep this photo here to remind me what life was like before teenagers. (I had more hair.)

Photo 2019

Hello! Welcome to my website. Here you can find out about me and my books. If you want to learn a bit about my background and how I became a children’s author, that’s in the ABOUT section. To see any of my books, click on the BOOKS section at the top of the page, or on one of the RECENT BOOKS on the right. On this site you can also find out about how to get in touch if you would like me to come to your book event or visit your school, library or bookshop.

I try to update the site as regularly as I can, and you are very welcome to contact me if you have any ideas for anything you’d like to see. No, that doesn’t include a picture of me standing on my head in a giant bowl of custard dressed as a purple chicken. I accidentally deleted that photo from my camera. To make up for it, here is a picture of me in my pram with a poodle. It was taken by a man called Reg, who was married to Vera, who was the sister of Gladys, who was my step-grandmother. I was about six months old.

Peter Bently in his pram with a poodle

Peter and poodle

Looking at my face in the picture, I’m not sure how thrilled I was to find a whopping great pooch in my pram. It was, after all, bigger than me. But clearly it didn’t put me off dogs for life. If it had, I might never have written The Great Dog Bottom Swap, Hot Dog Hal, or my picture book version of The Hundred and One Dalmatians.


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