Captain Jack and the Pirates

CaptainJackPirates_JKT_4Jack, Zak and Caspar, brave mariners three,
Are building a galleon down by the sea.

Following on from the internationally bestselling King Jack and the Dragon, this is a seaside adventure featuring the same three young boys Jack, Zak and Caspar. It is wonderfully illustrated by the highly acclaimed and award-winning Helen Oxenbury, whose many other books include We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Captain Jack and his shipmates as they build a ship of sand for some serious make-believe adventures and derring-do on the high seas. The three buccaneers end up feasting on a hoard of delicious tea-time treasure—among pirates who prove to be a lot friendlier than they imagined. Published by Puffin (UK) and Dial (US).

Shortlisted for the 2016 Kate Greenaway Medal.

“Gently and agreeably thrilling.” (Kirkus starred review. Full review here)

“For very young children, it’s the combination of verse and pictures which make for the best bedtime reading, and Captain Jack and the Pirates by Peter Bently and the wonderful illustrator Helen Oxenbury is a charmer, about a sand-ship that turns into a galleon, then back again in time for ice cream.”  (The Spectator.)


ISBN: 0723269289

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