GOLDILOCKS coverCaptain Goldilocks is on a mission to find a new planet that’s just as good as Earth!

But everywhere she lands is too cold or too hot, too slimy or too scary, too wobbly or too full-of-aliens.
Will she ever find a planet that’s just right? An interstellar adventure with a timely environmental message, Goldilocks in Space is published by Hodder and brilliantly illustrated by the intergalactically talented Chris Jevons.

Goldilocks in Space is the first in a new series of Futuristic Fairy Tales set in outer space. Featuring favourite fairy-tale characters as super-cool astronauts leading their own missions and learning about cosmology along the way, this book is a must for little space fans!

ISBN: 9781444954081 (PB) 9781444954074 (HB)