Is it an eagle? Is it a plane?
No – It’s SuperHam off the to rescue again!

Join the hamster superheroes as they slip from their cages and head to Hamster HQ to save the world from alien gerbils and arch-supervillains like Goldenpaw Guineapig, who is plotting to steal the world’s broccoli!

This is the third book by me and the incredible John Bond about the secret lives of our pets, following our prizewinning Dogs in Disguise and Cats in Chaos.

“Bently and Bond follow up Dogs in Disguise and Cats in Chaos with another gleefully silly rhyming picture book, as the courageous hamsters take on their sworn guinea pig enemies.” – Waterstones 

WINNER, Leicester schools Our Best Picture Book award 2024.GKtb7DHWsAANOVw


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