Every child’s favourite fairy meets every child’s favourite bunny in Happy Easter Tooth Fairy! a rhyming tale of an Easter egg hunt!

The Tooth Fairy helps the Easter Bunny hide eggs inside boots, under logs and inside a wheelbarrow. All is set for the Easter egg hunt – until one of the children loses their wobbly tooth. In dismay the little girl frets that the Tooth Fairy might not come if there is no tooth to leave her! Luckily the Tooth Fairy is there to set things right.

Happy Easter Tooth Fairy! is the third in my series of Tooth Fairy books brilliantly illustrated by the excellent Garry Parsons and published by Hodder (Hachette UK). The other two are The Tooth Fairy’s Christmas and The Tooth Fairy’s Royal Visit.

Tooth Fairy Easter cover copy

ISBN: 9781444933895

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