A Home Full of Friends

Badger cover copy “Where will they sleep? I really can’t say.
Oh, I shouldn’t have said they could all come and stay!”
But Bramble was kind. He would never say no
To three little creatures with nowhere to go.

One stormy night, Bramble Badger opens his home to a group of animals in need and gets more than he bargained for! He is worried about how everyone will fit into his underground sett, but when his house is crowded with friends, he gains something truly special.

A tale of compassion and kindness, A Home Full of Friends is my first collaboration with Charles Fuge, the creator of Little Wombat. Charlie’s illustrations of Bramble and his friends are an utter joy, full of beautifully observed detail and rich colour. He has almost completed the illustrations for the second Bramble book (A Home on the River) and a third book is in the pipeline.

The hardback was published by Hodder in August 2017 and the paperback is out in February 2018.

“This is just what a picture book should be! This wonderful rhyming story is full of friendship, love and fun, and is beautifully illustrated by Charles Fuge.” (Sarah Brew, Parents in Touch.)


ISBN: 9781444920574 (hardback); 9781444920567 (paperback)