Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents is a personal tribute to the joys and pitfalls of parenthood.

Sometimes you think that your Mum or your Dad
Are there just to nag you or boss you like mad…

But there’s so much more to them – did you realise they are also tent poles for dens that are wonky, dustbins for bits you don’t want to eat up and grandstands to make you grow tall? Beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Sara Ogilvie.

“A future classic.” Telegraph Magazine.

“A joyous and delightful celebration of family life, this is a real treat for parents and children alike.” Booktrust.

“Heart-warming and entertaining, this delightful hymn to the many and varied wonders of parents has some delicious jokes at its core. Sarah Ogilvie’s illustrations show family life splendidly as parents vigorously cover all the ground from mopping up and wiping down, easing social problems and soothing troubled feelings. Boisterous in spirit and visually.” Julia Eccleshare, LoveReading4Kids.

Waterstone’s Children’s Book of the Month, January 2014.
Shortlisted for the 2014 UK Independent Book Week Picture Book Award.
Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2015.
Shortlisted for Peter’s Book of the Year 2015.

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ISBN: 9780857075826

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