“Skedaddle! A skunk!”

Unknown-1“That’s bonkers!” said Sally. “There’s no need to fear.
A skunk only stinks when an ENEMY’s near!
We ZAP them with pong from our special rear ends.
But a skunk never stinks when it wants to make friends.”

Sally the Skunk goes to the city to find new friends – but as soon as anyone sees her, they skedaddle! Nobody wants to be friends with a smelly skunk, but Sally is desperate to show the townspeople that she would never let off a stink around friends.

But then she bumps into the town robber, Nobby the Job. It’s time to show everyone how useful her stink can be!

A rhyming story about friendship, kindness and accepting others (and ourselves), Skunk! Skedaddle! is wonderfully illustrated by Laurie Stansfield and published in hardback by Andersen Press. (Paperback edition published in April 2024 and available for pre-order.)

“Wonderful … This is the perfect book to introduce your child to the concept of prejudice and [not judging] others. The story will also show them that everyone has something to share with the world that makes them special and unique.”  Minipreneur’s Favourite Animal Books”, Preneur World

“Full of fun … Laurie Stansfield’s illustrations are charming and also help to dispel negative myths about skunks!”  Julia Eccleshare MBE, LoveReading4Kids

“A great message of self acceptance.”  Toppsta Reviewer


A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month, April 2023

SHORTLISTED for the James Reckitt Hull Children’s Picture Book Award 2024 

Skunk – Hull longlist 2024Unknown-4

ISBN: 9781839131721 (PB) 9781839131714 (HB)