Where do werewolves get their greens?
Where do banshees buy their beans?
Where do ogres get supplies
Of tasty ear-and-eyeball pies?

Where else but the SPOOKERMARKET –  the local all-night spooky superstore where boss Queenie Sweeney welcomes witches, trolls, zombies and every other ghoul and fright that needs to do their shopping. (All diets catered for – just ask Sir Reg the vegan vampire!)

But one night there’s upset in the aisles when – Shazzoo-Shazzam! – Lurk the cleaner accidentally lets loose the naughty Genie of Till Thirteen!! How can Queenie put an end to the genie’s mischief and mayhem?

SPOOKERMARKET is hilariously illustrated by acclaimed American illustrator Steph Laberis (of Grumpy Cat fame) and published by the good folk of Puffin Books.

Perfect spooky reading for Halloween or any other time!

ISBN: 9780241473047

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