The Yoga Ogre

Ogden the Ogre is worried. How come his jim-jams are so tight? It surely can’t be overeating, because he only has twelve meals a day…

So Ogden decides to take up a sport. But finding the perfect sport for a big, bumbling ogre isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. When ogres play sport, things tend to get a bit wrecked. In the end even the horses are hiding when Ogden thinks about being a jockey. Maybe something gentler and calming will do the trick – a spot of yoga, perhaps?

This is my first book with Simon Rickerty, and I love his bright colours and endearingly bumbling ogre.

You may be interested to know that I actually had the idea for this story during a yoga class. Sadly though there weren’t any ogres in the class. Oh, and I should warn you that this is a fun story and not a yoga manual, as one disappointed Amazon buyer thought (and as a result of which they gave it a one-star review. Thanks for that!)

Published by Simon and Schuster UK, June 2012.

ISBN: 9781847389039 (paperback) 9781847389022 (hardback) 9780857077066 (e-book)

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