Ryal Leap Frog Cover SlideWhen a flea, a grasshopper and a frog compete to show the King who can jump the highest, it causes chaos in the royal dining hall. Who will win? Can the clever frog outwit the conceited grasshopper and the over-confident flea?

This is my second book with the amazing Claire Powell, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, in this case his lesser-known comic story “The Leaping Match”.


“This madcap rhyming story of a flea, a grasshopper and a frog who compete to see who can jump highest and ask the King to adjudicate is a triumph. The illustrations are packed with detail and there are refreshingly modern updates (the Admiral of the Navy is a woman) as brains outwit brawn and the boasters get their comeuppance.” – Sally Morris, Daily Mail Best Children’s Books for Summer 2022.

“Laughter, action, colour, rhyme, silliness, chaos, a king, a feast, and a fairytale setting – The Royal Leap-Frog has all these all.” – Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times Summer Children’s Books Selection, 2022. 

Exquisite retelling …  narrated through a masterful rhyming text that bounces along as energetically as its characters, The Royal Leap-Frog is an absolute delight to read aloud. …. Peter Bently is the king of picturebook comedy and Claire Powell’s gorgeous illustrations add even more humour. The magnificent artwork crates na intricate and convincing fairytale realm with plenty to engage the very young. The Royal Leap-Frog is silly, surreal and stunning to look at … Hop to your nearest bookshop or library and get hold of a copy immediately!” – Ciara O’Hara, Inis Magazine, Ireland

“I would highly recommend this beautiful book. The combination of the rhyme, exciting story and stunning illustration is bound to delight any little one and their grown-up at story time.” — Armadillo Magazine.

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