Vampire School series

St. Orlok’s is no ordinary primary school. It’s a school where Lee Price and other young vampires learn skills like turning in to a bat, scary staring, and cooking without garlic. With wonderful spooky illustrations by Chris Harrison, the Vampire School series of early fiction recounts the hilarious adventures of Lee and his best friends Billy and Bella and their preteen vampire classmates.

Lee and his best friends Billy and Bella are on the St. Orlok’s casketball team. (That’s the vampire version of basketball, in case you’re wondering.) They’re all getting ready for a big game against the Chaney Street werewolves. But when the other team arrives, it seems that some of them aren’t planning on playing a fair game. Lee needs to come up with a plan – fast! Will he manage to foil the cheats before the final whistle?

Lee, Billy and Bella head off on a class trip to the fair. But when they arrive, there are some very strange characters hanging around. Could they have anything to do with the spate of robberies that have been happening around town? The vampire friends decide that it’s up to them to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The vampire kids at St.Orlok’s are ready for their big phantomime – Snow Fright and the Seven Dwarfs. The mummies, werewolves, zombie and vampire parents are assembled. Bella is Snow Fright while Lee and Billy are two of the seven dwarfs – Gappy, Snappy, Flappy, Creepy, Chompy, Gnashful and Shock. But after an exhausting lat lesson learning the Three S’s (Swooping, Swerving and Skulking), Bella isn’t feeling very well. Will the show go on?

St.Orlok’s favourite teacher, Miss Gargoyle, is off school with bat flu. Who will replace her? A mysterious, creepy crate is delivered at dead of night to Mr E. Gore, St.Orlok’s zombie caretaker – a big grouch who hates vampires. It soon becomes clear that lessons are not going to be much fun while Miss Gargoyle is away… Why is Old Gore waiting for a big electric storm? Who is screaming in the tower? Lee, Billy and Bella are about to find out – with hilarious and shocking results!

At St Orlok’s school for young vampires it’s show-and-yell night, and Lee Price and all his vampire friends have brought in their weird and wacky monster pets, from Frankenswine to Vampsters. But tonight is also the night the Ghoul Inspectors are visiting the school and the kids are under strict orders to keep their pets in their cages. All goes well – until Lee discovers that his pet Battlesnake has escaped!

It’s the annual Junior Monster Chef Competition between the local monster schools and it’s St. Orlok’s turn to host. Lee Price is competing against a mummy and a werewolf. But the werewolf is none other than Growler the Fouler – the well-known bully and cheat, who will always try and pull all kinds of dirty tricks to win. Can Growler be stopped? Vampire honour is at stake down in the Cookery Crypt!

The Vampire School series is published by Boxer Books in the UK and Albert Whitman & Company in the US.

Also available in Spanish (Escuela de Vampiros) and Turkish (Vampir Okulu)


ISBN: 978-1907967276

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